What is Weight No More?

Program Summary:

Weight No More is a physician supervised,  medication assisisted,  medical weight loss program that emphasizes importance of long term weight management.   Will you lose weight quickly at the beginning of your program?  Very likely, yes.  Most of our patients enjoy remarkable weight loss results in the first few weeks and months on the Weight No More program.  But Dr. Skversky encourages patients to think long term and focus on the rewards of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight for a lifetime.   This is where the Weight No More program is vastly different from any other weight loss program you have tried in the past.

Dr. Skversky talks about the program:

At Weight No More, I treat overweight and obesity the same way I treat diabetes and hypertension, using combination drug therapy, in addition to diet and exercise protocols. I consider this to be a long term program since we’re treating a long term problem. Although diet and exercise are essential adjuncts of any prudent comprehensive program, they rarely, by themselves, result in long term weight loss control. (You already knew that.)

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