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About the Medications Used

What medications are prescribed for Weight Loss?

Patients are usually prescribed a combination of a few medications.
(not all of those listed below!)  Medications that we currently use include:

  • Appetite suppressants:  Phentermine,  Adipex,  Diethylproprion, Didrex
  • Qysmia, Belviq
  • Antidepressants: SSRI’S (Prozac, Zoloft, Lexapro, Celexa, Luvox)
  • SNRI’S (Effexor, Savella, Pristiq)
  • NDRI’S (Welbutrin SR,XL Aplenzin)
  • Anti-diabetics: Glucophage XR, Glumetza
  • Anti-convulsants: Topamax, Topiramate, Zonegran, Zonisamide

Above medications are often used in combination to suppress appetite, control cravings, improve insulin sensitivity and lower the metabolic set-point.

What is Off-Label? Is it safe?


How is it used for Weight Loss?

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I’ve heard that a new drug for weight-loss , Qnexa, was approved. Is that true and how effective is it?

Q. I’ve heard that a new drug for weight-loss , Qnexa / Qsymia, was approved. Is that true and how effective is it?

A. Qysmia is a combination of two drugs, phentermine, (an appetite suppressant) and topiramate (anti-seizure) that have been on the market for many years. (1959 and 1996) There are several hundred Bariatric (weight-loss) physicians, including myself, who have been using the above combination, as two separate drugs, with great success and safety for well over a decade. Due to strict dosage limitations, Qnexa, will not be nearly as effective for weight-loss compared to using the drugs separately. Because there are potential significant side effects associated with Qysmia, my concern is that physician instruction and patient compliance will not be given the import necessary for safe and effective use.

*Final FDA approval for Qnexa is anticipated around  July 17, 2012


Does Weight No More offer Belviq (Locaserin HCI)?

A. Belviq, the recently FDA approved drug for long term weight-loss, is now available at pharmacies and our offices.

Belqiv Lorcaserin HCIWe plan to use Belviq primarily as an adjunct to other well established combination medications we currently use. The rationale for this is that by itself Belviq is only modestly effective with a reported average weight loss of 7.9%. About 47% of patients lost 11 pounds or more and 22% lost 22 pounds or more.

However, patients who have been unable to to tolerate Topamax (Topiramate) and or Adipex (Phentermine) would be good candidates for a trial of Belviq.