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Belviq is Here!


Dr. Skversky answers questions about Belviq:

Q. I’ve heard that a new drug for weight-loss, Belviq, is available. Does Weight No More offer it?

A. Belviq, the recently FDA approved drug for long term weight-loss, is now available at pharmacies and our offices.

We plan to use Belviq primarily as an adjunct to other well established combination medications we currently use. The rationale for this is that by itself Belviq is only modestly effective with a reported average weight loss of 7.9%. About 47% of patients lost 11 pounds or more and 22% lost 22 pounds or more.

However, patients who have been unable to to tolerate Topamax (Topiramate) and or Adipex (Phentermine) would be good candidates for a trial of Belviq.

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Meet the Doctors

LA Times Special Insert

Dr. Skversky was featured in a recent LA Times Special Insert titled “Meet the Doctor:  Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Your Health.”   where he addresses misconceptions about weight loss, supplements and the new combination diet drug formulation called Qnexa, (anticipated to be approved by the FDA in July).