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September 2017

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Jay Robb Recipes:

WNM Protein Drink:

1 scoop Jay Robb

1/2 Carbmaster yogurt (3oz)

ICE carbonated beverage 2-4 oz

Shake well or blend with ice.

Total: Carbs 3 grams

Calories 140

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Belviq is Here!


Dr. Skversky answers questions about Belviq:

Q. I’ve heard that a new drug for weight-loss, Belviq, is available. Does Weight No More offer it?

A. Belviq, the recently FDA approved drug for long term weight-loss, is now available at pharmacies and our offices.

We plan to use Belviq primarily as an adjunct to other well established combination medications we currently use. The rationale for this is that by itself Belviq is only modestly effective with a reported average weight loss of 7.9%. About 47% of patients lost 11 pounds or more and 22% lost 22 pounds or more.

However, patients who have been unable to to tolerate Topamax (Topiramate) and or Adipex (Phentermine) would be good candidates for a trial of Belviq.

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Meet the Doctors

LA Times Special Insert

Dr. Skversky was featured in a recent LA Times Special Insert titled “Meet the Doctor:  Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Your Health.”   where he addresses misconceptions about weight loss, supplements and the new combination diet drug formulation called Qnexa, (anticipated to be approved by the FDA in July).

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ASBP Releases Statement on HCG Products

HCG Diet If you have been reading the Weight No More Blog, and listening to our many short installments of radio podcasts over the past year, you are probably aware of Dr. Skversky’s firm opinion of HCG injections as waste of money.    Recent actions by the FDA and statements by both the FDA and ASBP,  are in agreement with Dr. Skversky’s long held assertion that HCG “slims your wallet, not your waist.”

The American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP) issued a press release last week in support of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) decision to remove homeopathic HCG weight loss products from the market.  

Read the full press statement HERE

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New FAQ Audio Clip Posted

How is it used for Weight Loss?

FAQ Audio Clip (2 min)

Just posted a new FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)  and answer to the website, title What is Off-Label?

Dr. Skversky answers this question during a radio interview,  which is presented in this short 2 minute audio clip.

You can listen to the full interview in our media library, found on the VIDEO  page, where you also have access to our growing collection of video segments from television interviews and appearances by Weight No More’s medical director, Robert Skversky MD.

Take a minute (or two) to find out exactly what the term “off-label” means and how off-label medication is used for weight loss at Weight No More.


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Is Off-Label Safe?

Click to watch the Dr. Oz Show Videos

Watch the Videos

You have probably noticed quite a bit of chatter in the news lately about “off label” use of prescription medication for weight loss and wondered what all the fuss is about. Is it safe? Where can I find a doctor who really knows about this topic?

You have come to the right place! Robert Skversky MD has devoted the past 18 years of his medical practice strictly to treating the overweight patient and is often called upon by the media as an authority on the subject.

In March, he appeared on the Dr. Oz Show to describe his use of some off label medications, such as Topamax, in combination with more commonly used weight loss medications in his Southern California practice. Earlier this year, he was interviewed for a story on Combination Drug Therapy in MORE magazine. Check out the Video Gallery, to view clips of Dr. Skversky’s appearances on the Dr. Oz Show, The TODAY Show, The Early Show, Good Morning America and much more.