Dr. Skversky

Robert Skversky, M.D.
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Weight No More Medical Weight Loss Centers in Temecula and Newport BeachOriginally from Philadelphia, Dr. Skversky received his medical degree from Hahnemann University (formerly Hahnemann Medical College) in 1970.  He completed his family practice residency at Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach, CA, in 1973 and became a diplomate of the American Board of Family Practice the same year.  Dr. Skversky is a staff physician at Hoag Memorial Hospital, a member of the American Medical Association, Orange County Medical Association, and the American Society of Bariatric Physicians.   Dr. Skversky had been a family practice physician in Newport Beach for more than 25 years before practicing bariatrics full time.

The goal of a prudent weight-loss program goes beyond weight loss itself, but extends to the improvement in self esteem and empowerment as unexpected gifts of long term weight-loss control. This disease obesity needs to be taken seriously, treated seriously and most important, treated with respect.


Dr. Skversky has committed the past eighteen years of his professional career to the medical treatment of the overweight and obese patient. He has been at the forefront of treating obesity as a chronic disease using combination drug therapy, in addition to diet and exercise protocols on a long term basis.

He has written numerous articles   discussing the myths associated with weight control, putting diet and exercise in proper perspective, and the essential role of pharmacotherapy for long term weight loss. Dr. Skversky states, “Obesity is a metabolic, chronic and progressive disease with a significant genetic predisposition. It is similar to other diseases like diabetes and hypertension which it can cause or make worse. Chronic diseases need long term drug therapy, in most cases, for control not cure.”

During the past two years Dr. Skversky has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and has appeared on “The Dr OZ Show,” “Good Morning America,” “The Today Show,” and “The Early Show” discussing the appropriate use of medication “off label” for long term weight loss.

My commitment to my patients goes far beyond just helping them lose weight. My personal hope is that success in our program will be a stepping stone to an increase in self-esteem and will inspire people to achieve and excel beyond what they thought was possible.